Welcome to the Dragon's Lair

I'm Nila the


Artwork by LampP0st

I like dragons. A lot.

As you can probably tell, dragons are my favourite thing. So the only logical thing was to be one right...? Well at least I can try.

  • Age: I am 23 years old
  • Hobbies: Programming, Furmeets
  • Music: Yes (Except off-beat)
  • Country: Switzerland (Big Cheese!)
  • OS: MacOS / Arch Linux
  • Games: Minecraft, Watch Dogs, Horizon Series
  • Hotel: Trivago
  • Topics: Space, E-Cars, Programming, Lightsabers?
  • Job: Programmer (Big surprise)
  • Why Dragon: Why not.
  • Character: Happy, curious, helpful, sometimes anxious and shy. Likes to talk with new people, but not too many at a time. Needs alone-time from time to time. Can definitely talk too much about tech-related things.

Reference Artwork

You can find all my reference artwork, sorted by the species, in the gallery below. If you would like to use my character in your artwork, please contact me about it first. Please note that not all artworks are necessarily reference sheets.

  • All
  • Dragon
  • Coyote
  • Ampwave
  • Fox Dragon

Original Coyote Reference Sheet

Artwork by pyr-fluff

Anthro Dragon Reference Sheet

Artwork by Fire Hyena

Anthro Dragon Reference Sheet

Artwork by Hel the Bumblebee

Feral Dragon Artwork

Artwork by Hagalaz

Feral Dragon Reference Sheet

Artwork by Hel the Bumblebee

Coyote Traditional Artwork

Artwork by Avokado

Feral Dragon Artwork

Artwork by Unknown

Feral Dragon Artwork

Artwork by Kikofy

Ampwave Reference Sheet

Artwork by Hel the Bumblebee


I like to work on tech-related projects in my freetime. Here you can find a selection of the projects I am working on. If you see something you like, why not take a peek?

Minecraft Network

I run a small Minecraft network where I showcase my own gamemodes and a survival world. Most of the code, including the game cloud is written by me.

Go-Mojito Framework

I like to create my own web solutions, this website is running on go-mojito, my golang web framework. It allows for easy server-side rendered websites and also APIs.

Kubernetes Clusters

I run my own kubernetes cluster on which I host my experiments and also my minecraft network. I created kube-native enterprise solutions for my employer.